Caregivers Master Training

Learn the full act of caregiving like a pro.

About Course

This course is specially designed for highly skilled and experienced caregivers. In this course you will learn the entrepreneurial ability of a caregiver and lots more.

It is well designed to give you a fully packed knowledge and experience of the selling point for caregivers.

I look forward to seeing you in class!!!!!!

Course Curriculum

A New Paradigm of Giving

  • A New Paradigm of Care Giving
  • Ageism – Facts and Myths of Aging
  • Theories of Aging
  • Housing Options For The Elderly
  • Summary

Assignment 1

Aging Family Responsibilities & Vacation Planning

Quiz 1

Freedom Of Choice For Home Health Care: It’s The Law

Assignment 2

Parents & Their Adult Children: A Meeting Of The Minds

Quiz 2

Caregiving Lessons From The Oscar Winning Film, Amour

Final Examination

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